Board is not booting

While reinstalling OS in apalis IMX6 Board, i think something wrong happened, board is not booting upand not able to communicate using teraterm. May i know is there any service to send the board to toradex to check and repair

Could you please try to do a recovery procedure first?
Please download Toradex Easy Installer package to your development machine and follow this instruction.

Could you please also specify carrier board you are using and Apalis iMX6 HW version printed on a white sticker attached to your module.

@alex.tx i have tried recovery but display attached board it is not showing toradex easy installer.
carrier board is Apalis Evaluation V 1.1A.

Can you please share with us more detail, when you say not working how you have checked.
Please check below point and if that do not resolve issue please use register RMA for same.

  • Check if module is entering into recovery mode. Share the logs on debug uart if at all something coming while you run script
  • What is the output you get when you run linux-recovery script
  • Is evaluation board getting power supply proper without module and then check with module.
  • If it is possible to check with different module

If still you face use please use below link to register RMA

link text