Bluetooth Keyboard

How do we utilize bluetooth keyboard in embedded Linux? I was able to pair and connect to a bluetooth keyboard using bluetoothctl utility from colibri imx6ull W/B module flashed with either LXDE based image or Wayland/Weston based image. But no applications can receive any characters from the bluetooth keyboard! I tried and could not find any documents about that on Toradex website. Can somebody help with this issue?


The real problem is that the bluetooth keyboard is not showing up in /dev/input. To compare, I tried a bluetooth mouse and it did show up in /dev/input after pairing and connecting.

Hey @wjzhang,

Are you able to replicate the steps in this guide to see if you can get the bluetooth keyboard connected and working?


Hi Eric,
Thank you for replying.
I just realized that the following option in kernel configuration was disabled by default:
HID support —>
< > User-space I/O driver support for HID subsystem
I then enabled it and the bluetooth keyboard started working!