Bluetooth and obexftp

I’m using ubuntu 14.04 installed in VM, Toradex version 2.6, Colibri evaluation board and i.MX7S.

I’m able to connect via bluetooth and send data as serial port to devices, but not send data as file.

I read this discussion on forum How to transfer files using bluetoothl: it’s not possible to use obex on 2.6? There is a way to make it working or i have to change Toradex version falling back to 2.5 or upgrade to 2.6.1?

The 2.6.1 release is based on jethro which has obexftp as blacklisted (see here) making it not possible to use obexftp on 2.6.1. With our next morty release this will be resolved I believe and which will also include bluez5. See here. Though note that we have not yet tested this.

We expect to release morty in the next few weeks. I also tested bluetooth file transfer using obexftp on a morty release build for Vybrid using OpenEmbedded and was able to transfer files successfully to an Android device. It would also work on iMX7.

ok, thank you!