Bitbake issue on distro BSP

In order to set the enviroment for the ARM cross compiler in the eclipse IDE on ubuntu 22.04 it must be installed the SDK
I followed the notes at the page Linux SDKs | Toradex Developer Center
“bitbake <image_name> -c populate_sdk”
I’m refering currently to the BSP 5 and there are suggesting to use bitbake but it seems it is not supported in Ubuntu 22.04.
I mean: there isn’t present in the repo of apt-get
I found a so called “vim-bitbake” which seems available to be installed but actually it doesn’t work.
I’ve been blocked on that point. Any suggestions?

Hello @edge,
vim-bitbake is only a Vim plugin to interact with Yocto recipes. It is not bitbake.

Is the use of Ubuntu 22.04LTS a mandatory requirement for you?

BSP 5 is based on Yocto 3.1. For this Yocto version, the reference manual as of today mentions Ubuntu 18.04 as the latest supported LTS version, so you might want to use it instead of 22.04.

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Hello Edge,

@josep.tx is correct, but I will elaborate a bit more:

bitbake is not installed like a package but comes with a Yocto build. That is, this tool is already a part of your image build. As a reference, please follow instructions on this webpage, and you will be a able to populate SDK, which is done after the image is built.

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Thanks @andrejs.tx for the extra info :slight_smile:
@Edge , please let us know if these instructions helped you to solve your issue.

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Hi Josep.tx, thanks for your precious clarifications.
I moved to Ubuntu 18.04.
Ub 22.04 was not mandatory.

Thanks Andrejs for your notes!!

Hi @Edge ,
Thanks for your feedback, we’re glad that your issue is solved :slight_smile:

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