Bitbake creates my image for apalis imx6, but fails for apalis imx8

I am given image recipes that was designed to work on Apalis-imx6.
Bitbake works fine when local.conf is configured for machine Apalis-imx6.
But when I alter machine from Apalis-imx6 to Apalis-imx8 in local.conf, Bitbake generates error.
The log file for the error and my local.conf file are attached to this post.
log.do_compile.3042524 (135.9 KB)
local.conf (11.6 KB)

Hello @oceanblue,

Thanks for reaching out to the Toradex community!
Could you please try to do a clean build following this: Build a Reference Image with Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded | Toradex Developer Center

Note the imx6 and imx8 use different Yocto layers so when switching between them you will need to re-run repo init/repo sync and ensure any custom layers you have are compatible.


Following patches fixes the dependency problem.

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