Best practice for Remote Field Upgrade of VF50 based product

This question may already have been answered but I wasn’t able to find a reference. I am building my product with a Colibri VF50 at it’s core. I was wondering if there were any best practices you recommend for remote field upgrade of my entire image (Uboot+Kernel+RootFS).

Also if i have an additional partition for user data can i continue to maintain its integrity even after the upgrade?

So far we do not provide any such solution.

We are working on a Toradex Easy Installer however at least in a first phase that will not concentrate on remote but rather only local updates as most commonly done for evaluation or production purpose.

At the recent Embedded Linux Conference Europe there was much talk about the update thematic and I e.g. talked to Mender which does have such solutions available which could be integrated with any of our modules quite easily.

@zycamedis Also note our webinar Over-the-air is not enough -’s robust solution for embedded software deployment

I did in fact attend the webinar before posting this question. It’s a great concept. But with the limited memory of the VF50 would you still recommend Resin.IO? I would probably consider it if I had more resources.

I’d be interested to know more about this Easy Installer. Would it integrate with Yocto/OpenEmbedded? Till then I guess I’ll stick with the old tried and tested method of upgrading.