BCT for Colibri T30 and Colibri T30 IT


We are moving away from an old unsupported U-Boot version and nvflash to the current stable (BSP v2.6) U-Boot version and cbootimage/tegrarcm.

Since we are transitioning to the industrial temperature (IT) version of the Colibri T30 at the same time I’m wondering if the BCT for the industrial module is the same as the one for the standard Colibri T30.

Can I use the colibri_t30_12MHz_NT5CC256M16CP-DI_400MHz.bct file of the BSP v2.6 release also for the industrial temperature version or are some adaptations needed ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Yes, the Colibri T30 1GB IT module passed the full validation & verification using that exact BCT.

Thanks for the clarification Marcel. We will then use this one on both standard and IT modules.
Thanks for the support.