.bbappend files to fetchKernel Source from local directory

With the below reference procedure
1.2. Building the SDK — Processor SDK Linux for AM335X Documentation

I have created the own layer meta-mylayer in source directory of yocto system by refering to TI SDK build.
i have the kernel source in the sr-bsp/kernel-source. i have created the linux-ti-staging_5.10.bbappend file in meta-layer/recipes-kernel as below,

inherit kernel
#inherit externalsrc

FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := “${OEBASE}/src-bsp/kernel-source:”

SRC_URI_append += “file://${OEBASE}/source/meta-mylayer/recipes-kernel/linux/files/defconfig”

but i am not able to build the kernel -source which is present locally

may i know what are all the additional parameters required in bbappend file ?

Hi @Manu

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Could you provide the hardware and software versions of your setup?