Basic shader feature levels not supported. Application crashes with feature exception fault

An app that performs a shader effect terminates on startup with the following exception:

WinRT information: This shader requires a higher Direct3D feature level than is supported by the device. Check PixelShaderEffect.IsSupported before using it.

Sharders are compiled as follows (note: these are the most basic settings for a WinRT app):

fxc.exe" %1 /nologo /T lib_4_0_level_9_3_ps_only /D D2D_FUNCTION /D D2D_ENTRY=main /Fl %~n1.fxlib /I %INCLUDEPATH%
fxc.exe" %1 /nologo /T ps_4_0_level_9_3 /D D2D_FULL_SHADER /D D2D_ENTRY=main /E main /setprivate %~n1.fxlib /Fo:%~n1.bin /I %INCLUDEPATH%

Both the Qualcomm 410c and Raspberry PI3 are able to run all the shaders that we have tried thus far. The Toradex on the other hand is unable to run any. Using a software renderer is not an option. The PI3 appears to be running shaders using a software renderer. The Qaulcomm 410c is running shaders with full hardware support.

Unfortunately, the Qualcomm crashes when cycling through shaders repeatedly. The PI3 runs without issue.

We need this fixed ASAP. Without basic shader support there is no point in using the Colibri T30.

Please contact Microsoft if you are unable to service these issues as the Surface 2 is running with a Tegra 3 chipset and does not have any of these problems. I’m sure they can provide you with requisite fixes.
I have not received any replies to any of my queries so far. Is Win 10 IoT actually being supported by Toradex?

It looks like you specify feature level 9_3
We do support only suppor level 9_1, please see also

Surface 2 is using a Tegra 4 and not a Tegra 3. However according to this post it is also on feature_level 9_1.

Can you try to build your application only using feature level 9_1?

You are correct, shader level 9_1 allows 8 of our 17 shaders to build and run correctly on the T30. We were under the impression that there was a minimum conformance level for DirectX support with Win 10, but I suppose this does not apply to IoT.

We will try to simplify or stack the remaining shaders to achieve equivalent results.

Thank you.