Backport new kernel drivers or use latest kernel release?


I am looking at using the TI-ADS131E08 driver that’s supported in the kernel after 5.13.RC1 with a custom carrier board. (iio: adc: Add driver for Texas Instruments ADS131E0x ADC family · torvalds/linux@d935edd · GitHub)
I did have a go at backporting the driver to the Toradex modified Kernel tree ( Branch toradex_5.4.2.3.x-imx) but there’s many compile time errors due to the Toradex kernel missing out on some new SPI features like the SPI delay struct (Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) — The Linux Kernel documentation).

Has anyone dealt with a problem similar and had any luck with merging in a new version of mainline linux into the Toradex kernel tree? or do you think I should persist with fixing up the backported driver?


Unfortunately, there are not many options… You will need to either make the backport work or use the newer kernel.

And most probably both paths will lead to a considerable amount of work.

Another option is maybe to use another device that is supported by (or at least is compatible with) the current kernel and is fits your requirements.

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