Avoiding blackscreen after splash on T20 WCE

On WCE and T20, with a DVI display connected to the Iris board, I see this sequence of events after power up:

  1. Splash screen shows up
  2. Black Screen. During the black screen my display sees no signal on the DVI port, or possibly sees a change in the configuration (change in resolution, timing, or similar) and turns-off the backlight until it re-syncs.
  3. My Windows application shows up, but I have lost several seconds of images, while the display was trying to adjust to the new DVI signal configuration.

The UseSplashSettings = 1 setting seems to do the trick on other boards but not on Colibri T20.

There seems to be a gap after the splash screen, when the DVI signal changes config or disappears altogether, forcing my display into auto-syncing, which takes a few seconds. When the display turns on again, the user has missed several seconds of my windows app.

Is there an equivalent of UseSplashSettings = 1 for T20?

Dear @Henry

This feature is not yet available for Tegra modules. But we are already working on it, and it will be part of the V2.2b4 image release.

Regards, Andy