Avalonia: [OpenGL] Unable to initialize GLX-based rendering

Hi @tisis2,

even though there is OpenGL, there is not GLX support in the drivers. Even the tests were removed some time ago piglit: Add PACKAGECONFIG for glx and opencl · Freescale/meta-freescale@1564853 · GitHub.

Moving forward, NXP has dropped support for X[1] in their latest BSP, and that change has reflected in the TorizonCore images (more information: Continued support for X11 and general road map for minimals? - #2 by rafael.tx).

Avalonia has a WIP for supporting Wayland backends, and some members of our team have been in touch with them raising this concern.

were not able to get the touch input to work and with the other template it was working

My recommendation would be to get the input to work and use that template instead. Feel free to reach out about this issue if you haven’t already.


[1] XWayland is limited but still available.

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