Automatic restart after container update

is it possible to configure aktualizr to reboot the device automatically also after a container update?
The documentation reports the automatic reboot only for OS updates

Hi @RoccoBr,

One possibility is that within your application, you add some logic to reboot using one of the techniques described on Torizon Best Practices Guide | Toradex Developer Center.

May I ask why you need the system to restart after an application update? Since the application is containerized, restarting the containers would almost always be enough, and this is the first time I hear about this request, so I’d like to learn more.


hi @leo.tx ,
from the application in my container we access several peripherals on the verdin SoM, like the ADC TLA2404. when the application starts, it configures the peripherals , but the ADC is not always (re)configured properly after an update and we need to reboot the unit. see ADC read errors on Verdin 1.1b

To answer your original question: there are no configuration options in Aktualizr to perform an OS reboot after an application update. It would require changing the update logic.

Given that your application knows when things fail, rebooting from the container as described on Torizon Best Practices Guide | Toradex Developer Center seems to be a suitable choice.

As a side-note, given that such a container will have permission to reboot the device, you may optionally decide to create a separate container with a smaller attack surface, for example, a single statically compiled binary installed in a container FROM scratch, or a similar approach.