Audio Mic sound noise issue

Dear Team ,

We are using Colibri iMX6DL 512MB IT with IRIS carrier board Rev 1.1 and OS window compact 2013 .

We have facing issue in mic record Audio, hardware side I’m using - mightyEstore GY-MAX4466 Electret Microphone Adjustable Amplifier Module : Industrial & Scientific Microphone Adjustable Amplifier.
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IRIS board side we are using X9 header pin 1 = VCC ,pin 2 = Out, Pin 5 = GND.

Please find the attached Audio file , example code and provide the solution ASPS.

for any clarification please feel free to contact me.

Dear @saini648,

Is it Mic working and there is unbearable noise is producing by Mic and circuit? Could you share the sample output recording audio with good reference one maybe from your phone or computer? Let us verify noise frequency and level and try our best to filter that.

Thank you.

Do you have the Colibri Evaluation board? :- NO.