Assign Task to both core of VF61

My first question is: How can we assign a task/thread to A5 core and another task/thread to M4 core of VF61.
My second question is: if we assign a single task to the VF61, then how would we know that which core is in execution of that single task.

We are talking about a heterogeneous multicore architecture where there is no such thing as automatic scheduling across HMP cores. Maybe have a look at one of our videos to get familiar with the concept. Please note however that nowadays we recommend running FreeRTOS on the M4 core.

Full feature OS (like Linux or WinCE) runs only on A core(s). M core is not “powerful” enough to run full feature OS. It has no MMU, lower CPU clock, smaller cash size, simplified ALU etc. So you can’t assign Linux or WinCE task /thread to M core. Some Colibri modules (like iMX6DL, Imx7D, T20) have two A cores and Colibri T30 has 4 A9 cores. And full feature OS utilize all of them. M core can run simplified OS like FreeRTOS or you can run some tasks with no OS at all (bare metal). Full featured OS can communicate to FreeRTOS using shared memory. So you can start some FreeRTOS processes on M core but control them from Linux.
This is a nice presentation about it - Webinar: Asymmetrical multicore processing - embedded systems

Thanks Alex for your valuable answer in a simple way.