Armqemu image mouse/keyboard not working

I am a yocta newbie…
I try to build a qemu arm image and it works and i can start it up and even start firefox. But mouse and keybaord is not working at all.
I can build an image for iMX6 without problems.
If setting MACHINE = qemuarm i get build errors with the backport, so I disabled it in layers/meta-toradex-demos/recipes-images/images/ with
IMAGE_INSTALL_remove_qemuarm = "
so it builds succesful.
I start it with runqemu qemuarm qemuparams=“-vnc :2”
it starts up without problems but the mouse and keyboard from my host system are not working over vnc.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Roger

We are supporting only images with machine set to one of our modules and these images running on our modules. The Qemu images are also far away from real world since they are using different drivers and etc.

Best regards, Jaski