Are the UARTs shared or dedicated?

  1. How does the UART_B switch between the FreeRTOS using it as a debugging port (RS-232 Top Connector) and my application which will also use the RS-485 port. I see that you can disable the RS-232 port via Jumper JP16. Since UARTs cannot be shared, my application will find the port in use by the FreeRTOS if its not relinquished.
  2. Also U-boot is using UART_A. Same question applies here. Can I also use UART_A for my application and if so how do I switch between U-boot and my application?
  3. Finally, any reason to use X27 USB port via USB-UART converter for U-boot and not just access it via the lower RS-232 connector?

Core access to peripherals, including UART controlled by Resource Domain Controller

As soon as Linux or other OS started U_boot is not involved any more, so you can use UART_A for your application

You can use lower part of X25 connector to access UART_A if you wish use RS232 instead of USB serial. Please check chapter RS232 (X25- Top and Bottom) of Colibri Evaluation Board Datasheet for more details.

thanks @alex.tx for your help on this
what about UART_B in my question above.

Access to UART_B as for any other peripherals controlled by Resource Domain Controller