App crashing after kept running whole night

I kept our app running for the whole night for QA testing and after coming back in the morning I found the app frozen giving a screen like the attached video. Seems like some sort of display test routine running. nothing can stop this but a reboot.

Can be a LCD driver issue?

iMX6 WEC2013 Colibri

The same issue was seen on another test unit. Seems not a faulty module.

Some displays may show test pattern when the LCD controller is no longer providing clock or syncs.
Could you measure display signals when device is in that condition?
Did you check if the device was replying to ping on ethernet?
We are investigating some issues that could lead to a freeze of the OS and we would like to get more information.
What version of the OS image are you running?

I found that the App is running fine internally. Checked that it is communicating through the ethernet. Our display doesn’t have HW sync or CLK signals and all are generated internally. I Measured the display data lines and found that all are HIGH and no data is passing while this is happening.

Seems the display went to any test mode. But the question is why display controller stops sending data? Is there any ERRATA on this issue?

The OS I tried is 1.0 B5 and 1.0 B6. Both showing the same problem.

Can you try with 1.1B2?