ApolloX v0.0.70

Hi @matheus.tx

Thank you for the information. I tried a little meanwhile and did a reinstallation of the plugin (including deleting all associated folders) now the Linux notebook uses the “torizon/weston{GPU}:3” entry as well. Luckily, this now also works on my Pi with an external HDMI display. Maybe because the PI is already running version 6.0.0 whereas the IMX8 board is still on 5.7.2.

I will test this once more in the office with an IMX8 on an IRIS board.

I can forward the info regarding the Avalonia templates. We are planning to use that as our main development framework for our upcoming products.

We do have some other issues with the extension itself but need to figure out first what is caused by our network and what could be related to external factors. For example, if my IP changes, the connected IMX8 is not updated and the insecure registry entry in the docker daemon.json still keeps the old IP.

But since we get a lot of fast feedback here, we are in good hands :slight_smile:

Best regards

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