ApolloX on WSL2 issue - Docker version 20.10.12-ce build 906f57ff5b-unsupported

I installed ApolloX on WSL2.
When I started
code .
I get the following messages

[01-13 08:13:03.019] Initializing Torizon Extension
[01-13 08:13:03.042] Checking system setup...
[01-13 08:13:03.043] Checking Moses ...
[01-13 08:13:03.043] Starting backend local instance running on port 5000
[01-13 08:13:12.105] Torizon Backend version 1.0.0 API version: 1.1.7
[01-13 08:13:12.106] Torizon IDE backend started
[01-13 08:13:12.106] Checking Docker ...
[01-13 08:13:12.177] Docker version 20.10.12-ce build 906f57ff5b-unsupported
[01-13 08:13:12.217] No devices registered
[01-13 08:13:27.286] Unknown fatal error during extension initialization
[01-13 08:13:27.286] Unknown fatal error: HttpError: HTTP request failed
[01-13 08:13:27.287] Torizon Extension Initialized

I see the message on Docker unsupported (not sure if it’s an error), and the other two fatal errors.
If I run
docker --version
on WSL, I get
Docker version 23.0.1, build a5ee5b1

Can I debug them in some way?

Hi @vix !

There’s something strange with your installation.

This means that you are actually using the previous version of Torizon Extension: Moses is not used in ApolloX.

Could you please double-check if you disabled/uninstalled the previous Torizon Extension before using ApolloX?

Best regards,

My fault.
V1 was installed too.
I removed it, and now I don’t see the error anymore.

Hi @vix !

Thanks for the feedback!

Have a great day!