ApolloX integration with Azure Pipelines

I see that ApolloX offers CI/CD integration with:

In my company we use Azure DevOps, which has Azure Pipelines.
Is is possible adding integration to Azure Pipelines too?
Searching online I see a lot of suggestions and scripts to migrate from Azure Pipelines to Guthub actions, but nothing on the opposite.

Hi @vix !

I just asked it internally.

As soon as I get some answer/recommendation, I let you know.

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Hey @vix

thank you for bringing up this question. We took it to our product management, but for now it’s not in our backlog.

What I can do is help you integrate this with Azure Pipelines. You can see from the integration with GitLab and Github Actions that the steps are very similar. I think porting this to Azure Pipeline should be smooth, as we’re using the same tasks we use in the VS Code templates under the hood. What will be different is the structure that Azure Pipelines uses, a YAML file :man_shrugging: (I don’t know), to describe the steps.

Let me know any help you need or questions you have. Maybe you contribute to the templates repo with the description for Azure Pipelines? I’m waiting for your merge request :smile:

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I’ll ask my colleague and I let you know.
It’s not high-priority task from our side, but I hope we can do this.

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