ApolloX - Incorrect type in launch.json

I think this is only a warning, and it doesn’t generate real issues (but I can’t be sure).
In .vscode/settings.json the item torizon_debug_port is defined as a string

  "torizon_debug_port": "9229",

But .vscode/launch.json expects it as a number:

Is it possible to have it fixed?

Greetings @vix,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention I’ll go ahead and forward this report to our IDE team.

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Hey @vix

this is an issue from the node extension side, that provides the node debugger. The schema does not expect string, but it’s not possible to expand variables, from settings.json, without adding it inside a string. The good news is that it is only a warning and the VS Code ignores the schema from node extension and executes to expand correctly, and it works at the end of the day.

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I am working with Colibri iMX7D 1GB board on a Colibri Evaluation Board.

I am getting similar error and its not letting me proceed. Please help.

Hi @rajdeepteck123 !

Could you please create a new topic for the issue you are facing?

Seem like the error you shared is related to the COPY step of you Dockerfile.

Please also share in your new thread:

  • Your Dockerfile,
  • Version of VSCode,
  • Version of Torizon IDE extension,
  • Logs from VSCode,
  • Whatever other information you might have.

As this thread was already solved, it will be closed.

Thanks for the comprehension :slight_smile:

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