Apalis with 6lowPan and tools

Hi, is there any example of using 6lowpan in Toradex modules?

I had already compiled kernel with 6lowpan options but still need to integrate a radio.

Is there tutorials or hints to make it work? What about linux tools to work with it?


I am really sorry but I don’t think we ever tested any 6lowpan on any of our modules as of yet. That said I would assume its integration would be rather low-level hardware agnostic aka just like anywhere else.

Thanks Marcel,
I have found some information related to linux and 6lowpan using rasp-pi.
Maybe it works easily with apalis.

It would be nice if Toradex provide information related to IoT and Linux as it´s been made with microsoft azure.

We document Building U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code and Device trees customisation. The lowpan tools seem to be available with OpenEmbedded and can build using OpenEmbedded.