Apalis versus Colibri


I am deciding between the Apalis T30 1GB (IT) and the Colibri T30 1GB (IT). Apart form the newer Apalis having more interfaces such as PCIe, Extra USB host, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet etc…which we don’t need in our design. Which board would have better thermal properties ( lower heat generation) keeping in mind that we have no requirement for graphics only need to run console. We are trying to get away from using large heat sinks. Would the Colibri board run cooler than the Apalis ?.. Price is virtually similar so if no real difference in heat generation than we will choose the Apalis.


Hi, Apalis T30 has better thermal properties. In physical size, Apalis T30 is bigger than Colibri T30. so you dissipate more power. Especially, if you don’t need GPU, you can turn it completely off.