Apalis TK1 USB 3.0 internal connections

We would like to use the Apalis TK1 with an Ixora carrier board, but we would like to have more USB 3.0 connections available. Is there any way that the Ixora could be built with a vertical USB 3.0 connector instead of the right angle so that we could run a short USB cable inside our chassis to a USB hub which would then provide more USB connections?

Unfortunately Toradex is not doing carrier boards customization. However design of our boards is open (http://developer.toradex.com/products/ixora-carrier-board#design-data-ixora-v10). You can download it and then ask our HW partners (https://www.toradex.com/support/partner-network/hardware) or any other electronic manufacturer to build a custom boards for you.