Apalis TK1 + remoteproc (rmpsg/openAMP)


Is there any plan to add remoteproc (rmpsg / openAMP) support for the Apalis TK1 / K20 chips ?
Does remoteproc only work with core that are in the same chip or does it work also when CPU/MCU are in two different chips.

It would be great if the Apalis TK1 and the K20 could use the remoteproc / rmpsg driver like the Colibri IMX7 and the Colibry Vybrid.



There is no plan to support remoteproc on Apalis TK1. There is no support in openAMP for the configuration we have on Apalis TK1. It should be technically possible to implement some sort of virtual shared memory over SPI, but it gives drawbacks rather then benefits over just using SPI via e.g. multi function miscellaneous devices aka MFD framework in your application. Remoteproc was really built around the shared memory concept.