Apalis TK1 PCIe Device Enumeration


Broadcom wireless card was being enumerated and working fine with the Apalis TK1 . But after doing the OTP for the PCIe headers(provided by the Broadcom) Apalis TK1 is not being able to enumerate the the Broadcom wireless card. But I could see that it is getting enumerated with other platforms such as BRIX box. Is this is some issue specific to the TK1 PCIe bus driver?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Pradeepkumar Soman

What exactly do you mean by not being able to enumerate? Do you mean its specific driver does not bind/load or it does not even show up e.g. using lspci?

Could you please specify what exact versions of things you are talking about and post the full boot log for us to be able to assist you?