Apalis TK1 + IXORA Power consumption

Peter’s Answer due Dec 2017 : "Apalis TK1 module with our regular Linux image is plugged in and just left in idle, the consumption is around 2.20W … "

We don’t manage to “go down” 1.4W ( As Peter described) by disabling Ethernet controller / PCIe Please instruct how to disable Ethernet & PCIe

LP0 mode : Our consumption is ~1,4W , We dont manage to go down to 0.79W as you suggested. Please instruct how to disable Ethernet & PCIe

Just a reminder, we use APALIS TK1 + IXORA V1.1 HW, No app processes running. No peripherals hooked (not even network, no monitor, etc.).

Thanks Oded

Dear @odedwig,

did you checked jaski comment on this question: https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/17814/apalis-tk1-ixora-power-consumption.html?childToView=30472#comment-30472?

Does this answer your question?

Dear Diego,

Yes I read Jaski’s answer.
\We wish to Disable / Enable PCIe & Ethernet dynamically
not just once ,
Is this possible ? , how ?

Please advise

Hi @odedwig

Enabling/Disabling PCIe dynamically is not possible on TK1.

Best regards, jasko