Apalis TK1 Deployment - Device Tree Not Found

I’ve just done my first custom build of the Apalis TK1 kernel.

Having successfully (or so I think) updated the uImage and u-boot binaries in my deployment folder, I’m unable to push this deployment onto an SD card.

If I do:

sudo ./update.sh -o /media/dev/update

I get an error saying:

Did not find the devicetrees from KERNEL_DEVICETREE, tegra124-apalis-eval.dtb

However, the tegra124-apalis-eval.dtb does indeed exist in the apalis-tk1_bin folder of my deployment.

Any suggestions please?

the update script follows the symlinks and uses full kernel name to validate device tree symlink.

Like you see here:

uImage -> uImage--3.10.40+gitr774e3704de94c329d3319c30bb2fcade9a6a8dd9-V2.6.1b2-apalis-tk1-20161121193437.bin
uImage-tegra124-apalis-eval.dtb -> uImage--3.10.40+gitr774e3704de94c329d3319c30bb2fcade9a6a8dd9-V2.6.1b2-tegra124-apalis-eval-20161121193437.dtb

Best way of replacing kernel & dtb supplied with our image is to replace files symlinks point to.

Hi @dominik.tx

Thanks for your quick reply.

Ok, I shall ensure that I replace the existing files pointed to by the symlinks. I’m a little confused though as when I looked through the update.sh script, it only seems to mention “tegra124-apalis-eval.dtb”.

Kind regards,

Yes, KERNEL_DEVICETREE gets set to tegra124-apalis-eval.dtb but if you carefully look at how the former is used throughout that script you will spot it.

Hi @marcel.tx

Spotted it, sorry, my mistake.

Kind regards,