Apalis TK 1 max CPUfrequency

I am testing an Apalis TK1 SOM on a Ixora carrier board. I’ve got L4T installed. I want to set the CPU governor to maximum performance. The available CPU frequencies (in /sys/devices/…/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies) only go up to 2.07 GHz. Is that the maximum possible frequency for this SOM? Can I safely force it to a higher value copied from the Jetson TK1?



The maximum CPU frequency really depends on the specific TK1 SKU as well as the silicon process variation (called speedo by NVIDIA) of your particular chip. Our modules have the regular embedded SKU assembled which is likely different from the Jetson TK1 featuring commercial chips as far as I know. Overclocking is definitely not recommended. Please also note that continuous operation at the upper operation point will lower the chips lifetime as mentioned in NVIDIA’ s TK1 data sheet. Allow for DVFS to dynamically adjust voltage and frequency of the TK1 and most importantly make sure your cooling solution is proper.

The max available frequency for the governor is still part of the settings. In all three Apalis TK1 modules we have, it is set at 2.07 GHz. Is that the real maximum frequency? Not the 2.2 GHz listed in the data sheet? I would still leave the on-demand governor on, but I do want to have the best instantaneous performance possible.

Yes, the 2.07 GHz are for UCM: 1 according to NVIDIA’s latest Tegra K1 Series Processors datasheet. As mentioned above the 2.2 GHz were probably coming from the commercial SKU. We will update our marketing material in that respect.