Apalis T30 problems with ethernet and UBoot

I have an Apalis T30 which cannot be flashed through SDCard (do not know why) and the USB is also failing (EHCI timed out on TD - token=0x8008d80 many times…). Therefore, I am trying to flash it over ethernet with TFTP. However, I new problem is appearing.

After setting the board ip and server ip with in the UBoot with:

stenv ipaddr (a random, free IP)
setenv serverip

Doing ping ${serverip} outputs the following:

Apalis T30 # ping ${serverip}
e1000: e1000#0: ERROR: Valid Link not detected
Using e1000#0 device
ping failed; host is not alive

Therefore I have no more ways to flash the Apalis. Any help with the USB or Ethernet is very welcome.

EDIT: It seems that the USB problem was just a hardware problem with the pen drive used. In any case I would like to debug the ethernet issue as I think it more convenient for my case.