Apalis T30 freeze with java application

hi kamil

i did the test with the jdk and yeah, the kernel was frozen. We will do internally some more tests and come back to you.

Yes, it is most likely some audio clocking issue. We are currently looking more closely into it.

Hi Jaski,

Any update about this bug?

hi @kamil

Do you have any news from your side for this Issue?

From our side, this Issue is planned for future release as stated here with a normal priority. You can have a look on the link above to know when the issue will is solved.

Hi @jaski.tx
Thanks for the update. From my side I don’t have any update. We temporarily changed wav to midi files in our app.

As there are workarounds we list this as a known issue and have currently no plans to work further on this:
Toradex System/Computer on Modules - Linux BSP Release.

Please do let us know if you can not live with one of them workarounds.