Apalis SOM RESET_MOCI# signal

Hello all,
The RESET_MOCI# signal is starting low when the SOM is booted at power-up. But what when it is restarted (eg Linux reboot command)? Is it going low as well when the CPU is rebooted by either hardware or software mean (or any other mean) other than normal power-up?

Hi @Claude , the power sequences including RESET_MOCI# are detailed in Chapter 5.3 of Apalis Design Guide.

That helps a lot. Thanks Benjamin.
However, the described shutdown sequence is leading to the power-off state and the “warm-reset sequence” is caused by the assertion of RESET_MICO#.
What happens in case the warm-reset is initiated by the Linux “reboot” or “shutdown -r” command? In this case, the SOM will NOT completely shutdown and RESET_MICO# will remain unasserted. How is RESET_MOCI# going to behave?

Hi @Claude , which SoM are you working on now? Apalis iMX8 or Apalis TK1?

Hello Benjamin,
I need to support all three iMX8, TK1 and iMX6. Priority is on the iMX8, then TK1, then iMX6.
Apalis iMX8 QuadMax 4GB IT (no WiFi/BT)
Apalis TK1 2GB
Apalis iMX6 Quad 2GB IT

Hi @Claude , we are looking at it internally and will update you.

Hello @benjamin.tx

Any news on this?


Hi @matthias.tx , do you have any information that can be shared with the customer?

Hello @Claude

If it’s at any help I had similar issue with the RESET_MOCI signal as described in this thread.

Regards, Mlinar

Hello @mlinar
Great comment! The BSP is most probably where the answer to my question resides. Hopefully, the BSP is behaving the same for all of the Apalis SOMs.
Thanks for commenting!