Apalis Modules doesnot have a default MAC Address

Hallo Toradex,
I am a development Engineer at Ek-team Gmbh. We are using Apalis Imx 6 module in our company. We are facing a problem with the MAC Address. Some of the Apalis modules doesn’t have a default MAC Address. We have tried our best to assign it manually, but it is now a day quite often that the Apalis modules doesn’t have MAC Addresses. Should we deliver it back to the Toradex ? Thank you.

Dear @farooq,

Could you please confirm which exact module and version you’re facing this issue with?

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Dear Claudino,
We are using Apalis IMX6Q 1 GB v1.1B. Some times the whole box doesn’t have any MAC Address. Thank you.

Dear @farooq, thanks for the update.

Could you please try to run this on U-boot: cfgblock create -y <PID8><8-digit-serialnumber-from-the-label>? If you don’t have the PID8 (Ordering Information and Product Identification (PID, PID4 and PID8) | Toradex Developer Center), you could try to use cfgblock create on U-Boot.

Are these modules that you’re facing the issue new?

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