Apalis Module Ethernet RGMII track lengths

Using 2nd ethernet rgmii connected to TI DP83869HMRGZT PHY.
2 of the signals used for RGMII (txd3 and rclk) are routed to the opposite end of the SOM socket connector from the RGMII signal group.
I recommend adding a note to the design guide to watch for this in placement.

My question is:
Are all 12 signals in the RGMII interface routed as equal length tracks to the module edge?

Especially the txd3 and rclk? If so, equal length to what tolerance?
My concern is that the 2 signals txd3 and rclk might not be.

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Pat Scrivner
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I found this question answered on a different thread. Mark this one complete.

Perfect that you found the answer. Thanks for your feedback.