Apalis iMX8QM power consumption


We are using Apalis iMX8QM V1.1B on our custom carrier boards and are trying to lower the power consumption. We managed to achieve consumption of ~1A at ~14V with almost all of additional chipsets and modules disabled on our carrier board and turning on hibernation in OS.

I’m wondering what is the minimal power consumption of Apalis iMX8QM SoM when it’s in hibernation and is the 1A consumption in hibernation to be expected in this case or can it go lower?


Hi @Martin_Lovric !

Could you please share (as detailed as you can) how you did the test setup and how the test was performed?

Information about the hardware and the software (including versions of everything) is most welcome.

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Of course.
HW: Custom carrier board with Apalis iMX8QM SoM V1.1B
SW: Custom Yocto Linux OS, kernel 5.4

For the test I’ve enabled CONFIG_HIBERNATION in kernel configuration, deployed newly built kernel to device, turned off whatever modules I could on our carrier board from userspace and executed command echo disk > /sys/power/state to enter hibernation. The UART terminal stopped responding and the current consumption dropped from ~1.7A to ~1A.

If you need additional and/or specific info for SW and HW test setup, please let me know.

Hi @Martin_Lovric !

Your values are quite high for suspended/hibernation mode. Internally we have values around 1.4W (maximum) for this state. At 14V, would something around 100mA. These values are for module only (the power drained by the carrier board is not taken into account).

Could you please run some other tests:

  • Custom carrier + Reference OS (from our Yocto layers)
  • Toradex carrier + Custom OS
  • Toradex carrier + Reference OS

This way, we will have a better comparison to investigate what could be the cause of your power consumption.

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Hi @henrique.tx,

Thanks for info, we have Ixora carrier boards V1.0A, V1.1A and Evaluation Board V1.1A on our hand. So I’ll try combinations with both reference carrier boards.


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