Apalis iMX8QM 8GB on Ixora not booting


I try to setup my system for the first time. I have a Apalis iMX8QM and a Ixora carrier Board.
I followed the instructions under:

But the board is not responding - no LED is turning on no HDMI output.

I also tried the recovery mode from:

Result is still the same. Also the board is not shown under linux when (using “lsusb”).

Do I miss something? Is their a way to check, if the board/SOM is ok?


How did you power up your Ixora board? Could you please check the voltage of the power supply you are using?

Hi, I used the included power supply unit from the “Starter Kit”. The power supply unit works fine.

I measured the voltage with a multimeter. The power supply delivers 12 volts. I was also able to operate another board ( Verdin iMX8M Plus Evaluation) with the same power supply unit without any problems.

Hello @nilsnxp,

Do you have an additional apalis module or an additional Ixora board by any chance? Then you could test both your current Ixora board and Apalis module with the other ones to know if either one is defective.

We have purchased two evaluation kits. Unfortunately, the problem occurs with both systems. We have already swapped the modules and the carrier board. Still both boards do not boot.
Best Nils

Hello @nilsnxp,

Could you please send a picture of your setup?

Also, could you please try the following: Disconnect every other peripherals, other cables/connections except the Power supply and see if the board powers on. If that works the problem could be somewhere in the peripheral connections or other cables. Then we will have to troubleshoot it step by step.

Hi @rudhi.tx,

I disconnecteed everthing expect the power supply - still the board doesn´t power up.
I was also unable to measure any voltage at X4. Neither 3.5 volts nor 5 volts. Only at V_SPLY_F_SW I could measure approx. 0.18 volts.

This is my setup:

Thanks for sending all the information.
As a last step before triggering an RMA, could you please send me the serial numbers for the modules and the carrier boards? So we can check the test logs.