Apalis iMX8 USB 3.0 device mode

I am looking into the Apalis iMX8 modules. The target application will receive data from a senor, connected on the MIPI-CSI then process it and/or just send it in raw over the USB 3.0 interface. For this purpose the Apalis module need to have the role of a USB 3.0 device. However in all the block diagrams and datasheet descriptions i see only USB 3.0 Host functionality supported. The iMX8 itself has a dual role port - is there something that would prevent us from reconfiguring the module as a device? Is this supported in the basic Linux implementation?


We are not aware of a reason why USBH4 should not work in device mode.

Having said that there are some caveats:

  • We only tested in host only mode.
  • The dedicated VBus pin (and the ID pin) are connected to GND (and to 3.3V respectively). You might need to use a VBus indication over GPIO.