Apalis-imx8 default device tree

Hi everyone,

I am building my own Boot2Qt image based on this manifest https://code.qt.io/cgit/yocto/boot2qt-manifest.git/tree/v5.15.8-lts.xml

On hardware side, I am using an Apalis-iMX8QP 2GB WB V1.0B.

When running my image, it seems that EDID is not working as I am always getting 1024x768 resolution (on 1080p monitors as well as 800p monitors)

After further investigation, I managed to make it work by applying this command in U-Boot

setenv fdtfile "imx8qm-apalis-eval.dtb"

(By default it is “imx8qp-apalis-v1.1-eval.dtb”)
and then booting my device. But this is not persistant even by applying saveenv since there is another env variable (preboot), that is overriding fdtfile at boot. Of course I could override preboot instead but writing env var manually for every device does not seem’s “producion ready”.

So is there a way to solve my problem when building my image with yocto? I already have a custom meta-layer to add some packet to Qt so I’d like to use it to change my default device tree.

Tanks for your help!

Hi @Romain.Donze !

According to Apalis iMX8 | Toradex Developer Center Revision history, the V1.0B of your module is not supported anymore because it was an early access version. You can see that almost every part was replaced (even the SoC itself).

So, certainly, the best step is to get an up-to-date version of the module. I recommend you get in touch with your account manager.

Best regards,