Apalis IMX6 wince freeze on ce 2013

I am just checking that my problem is the same as the question below. On ce 2013 the imx6 is consistently crashing when i do things such as open notepad, open file properties and closing an exe i have deployed to the device.


We are going to release 1.0beta6 in a few days and we fixed some issues on the SD card controller that may lead to OS freezes. We also added command to disbale multi-core and L2 cache, to understand if the issues are related to those features.
On what module are you experiencing those issues? Do you have serial output enabled? If you can provide some serial output that would help us quite a lot.
If you don’t want to share this information in the public forum you may use support@toradex.com.

We are using the iMX6 Dual 512MB. What kind of serial output do you need? On start-up we get this.

CPU type:00000003 00000001

Apalis iMX6 Dual 512MB

Version: 00000001 .00000001 A

Toradex Bootloader 1.0 BETA 5 for Colibri Built Sep 30 2015

Board: Apalis iMX6 Dual 512MB

CPU is running at 984000MHz.

Loading EBoot configuration…

16 sectors of configuration data loaded.

Press [SPACE] to enter Bootloader Menu

Initiating image launch in 0 seconds.

System ready!

Preparing for download…

Loading 37530464 bytes to RAM

… …


We need output from the OS itself, this is disabled by default to let application use UARTA for their own purposes.
You can enable it by entering the boot console (press space and then ‘x’ on the serial terminal when boot starts) and typing:
set dbg.serial 1
save dbg

Thank you very much for the patience and for the information you provide.

the following is the log I got when I booted into windows and then opened notepad which caused it to freeze. See attached file notepadtest.

Once I done this I restarted and run my exe from visual studio which worked fine until I closed the exe. This file is called exetest.

I should add that because there is no hdmi I am using the remote log in program so it could be the communications failing rather than it freezing. If i get any different logs i will upload them.

link text

Is there any update on the new release?

Sorry did not notice the last message. I will test this soon

Can i just confirm how i use the .nbx file? is it the same as using a bin file?

Hi. I still seem to be experiencing the same issues with the 1.6 beta os image.

I have found it is the remote control application causing the issue. Vnc works fine