Apalis iMX6 SPI3 not complete?

I am designing a board which uses 4x SPI ports. However, I cannot find the PIN ECSPI4_MOSI neither in the Pinout Designer nor in the Apalis imx6 datasheet.

Is this a documentation issue or is the ECSPI4 not usable?

SPI4 is not available. According to Apalis iMX6 to datasheet:

The i.MX 6 Dual and Quad SoC have 5 SPI controllers (in the reference manual called Enhanced
Configurable SPI, ECSPI) of which 3 can be accessed at the module edge connector.

You can use espi1, espi2 and espi5.

Thanks for the answer. The feature overview should be changed!

overview clearly states: SPI 4x.

Which confusing, because you can only use 3 SPI-Ports.

We will update overview page. Thank you.