Apalis imx6 serial number


Is it possible that apalis-imx6 modules have same serial number (tag printed on memory module) ?


@VincentB, this should not be the case. Did you receive two modules with the same serial number? If yes, please send us the serial number so we can check our production log files.

We suspect this three modules :

It also could be an error on our side… but to be sure could you check them with you production log files ?

Thank you.

@VincentB, after having checked our production log files and also the logistic log files we didn’t find any evidence, that there are more than one module with the same serial number. So it looks all OK from our side. Please give us some more information about how you came to the conclusion to have the same serial number used multiple times. Thanks.


Thanks for your reply. We’ll investigate in our side to find the mistake.