Apalis Evaluation Board Connected to VGA not Getting ON

sure i will try sir.
And i got what you said
for that i need to install ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit .![![alt text][1]][2]

then i want to follow the legacy update procedure.its correct or wrong

As long as you don’t need the recovery mode the legacy update procedure won’t require 64-bit. Just have a look at the pre-requisite section in the article I referred to e.g. here.

As you said,i follow those commands.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dosfstools e2fsprogs gawk mtools parted
sudo apt-get install zlib1g liblzo2-2 libuuid1 libusb-1.0-0
and also this
trdx@trdx:~$ sudo sh -c “command -v mkfs.vfat”
trdx@trdx:~$ sudo ln -s /sbin/mkfs.vfat /sbin/mkfs.fat
But i am getting like this
alt text

But i am not getting toradex easy installer on the vga connected monitor.
i am using ubuntu 16.04 LTS 32bit.
board model : Toradex Aplais IMX6 Quard 2GB IT V1.1B .
i planed to install 64bit because of SDK 64 bit you said to install 64 bit Linux distribution.
1.how to get a toradex easy installer.help from this sir.

To launch the Toradex Easy Installer via recovery mode you will need a 64-bit Linux workstation as the imx_usb tool is really only distributed as a 64-bit binary. That said I am personally running 64-bit Linux now since more than 20 years!

sure sir.i will install 64bit Linux.
Is there any other way to launch the Toradex easy installer [except recovery mode] just for asking i will try on that way also. previously you said no need to go in recovery mode and look pre-requisite section. from that i am not getting easy installer.
which way i can proceed after installed 64 bit Linux. please give me clear suggestion.

Well, the Toradex Easy Installer is just a tool to install e.g. an Embedded Linux or WEC BSP. As the same can also be achieved by resp. legacy installation procedure not requiring any 64-bit Linux workstation I did suggest to try that. However if all you are trying to achieve is running the Toradex Easy Installer then my suggestion won’t help you, sorry.

I hope after installing 64bit Linux surely work out.i will try that.
after that i will inform sir.thanks for reply sir.

really thanks sir.i downloaded toradex easy installer as you said. i am thankfull for u sir.

You are very welcome.

i am going to complete the steps as

after downloading this eclipse it showing
alt text
after that,when i made build all and debug (step19)
it showing
alt text
it showing like cannot execute binary file: Exec
format error
where i made mistake…help me sir
i am not getting this page.
alt text

Could you please ask a new question about this rather then continuing with this completely unrelated topic?

sure sir…

Thanks, mate.