Apalis evaluation board compatibility

Is Apalis evaluation board compatible with Apalis iMX8 SoM. In the board introduction, iMX6 and TK30 are mentioned but not the iMX8 series. I am looking to buy them but I am not sure about their compatibility. Any answers would be helpful.


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This board is indeed compatible with the Apalis iMX8 as you can see here on the compatible products page: Apalis Evaluation Board | Toradex Developer Center

Can you please share with us where did you find these board introductions so that we can update their text?

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Hi, Thank you for your reply. The page here at link mentions other modules explicitly but not the iMX8 series. I am new to Toradex so it was slightly confusing , also the “build your own SBC” page on the website doesn’t list the evaluation board as an option when selection iMX8 series .
Create your own Customized SBC (toradex.com)

Hi @fahads! Thanks for the update.

I’ve forwarded this to the team already and this shall soon be corrected on that page. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

I understand that entering this universe can be quite confusing at first but we’re here to support you and make your embedded development easy. You may soon hear from the account manager responsible for your country. He’ll be able to discuss with you and help you find a nice fit for your project with our products :smiley:

About this page, I think this is the intended behaviour actually. You can see that even if you select the Apalis iMX6, the evaluation board will not show up. This is due to the status of the Board. If you check the intended use of the Evaluation Board you can see that it has been designed for development purposes while the Ixora can be used on your final product and then can make a Single Board Computer on the field: Ixora Carrier Board - compatible with the Apalis modules

The only exception for this behaviour on the page is the Verdin Modules as the two boards currently available on the webshop are for evaluation purposes.

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