Apalis board connector + fastener


Can we found those fasteners and connector for Apalis module (connector whit mechanical parts on the side) ?

Also, could you provide a part number for the fasterner that is on Apalis evalution board ?

BR, Vincent

Dear @VincentB,
thanks a lot for the interest in Toradex products and for using the Toradex developer community.

The Apalis standard does not feature a fastener approach similar to the one used for the Colibri module. The module can be fixed with the snap lock mechanism which features a simple Mini PCIe latch (48099-5701 from Molex).

In addition, the other simple mounting solution are the two M3 screws which can be assembled on the fasteners which are placed underneath the Apalis module (part number: KFE-M3-3ET).

Regarding the MXM3 connector with a side latch mechanism, I have found something similar: http://www.yeu.com/media/wysiwyg/Flyer/CNU113-314_Flyer_2018.pdf

I really hope this helps.