AM62 Pin output voltage

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Is is correct, that all Am62 pins have 1.8V max In/Out? (except of some power supply pins)
There is also no Level shift on the SOM?

The Verdin Development board has an on-board level shifter, but only for some of the Pins.
Therefore an external shift from 5/3.3V to 1.8 is mandatory for most peripherals using higher voltage ranges.

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Like other Verdin modules, the Verdin Am62 module’s regular I/O pins operate at a logic level of 1.8V. You can use the Verdin Am62 module with the Verdin Development board without the need for any external voltage level shifting from 5V or 3.3V to 1.8V, unless you have external peripherals that operate at 5V or 3.3V connected to the exposed IOs.

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