AM62 doesn't turn on


We’re trying to bring up a new board for AM62. After powering on, nothing appears in debug console. Power consumption is low and it appears to pulse periodically with about 20 mA difference (at 12V). When we tried iMX8MP in the same board, it booted without problem to TEZI (both are fresh modules).

The AM62 boots fine in Dahlia.

Power signals are all floating at the moment, which according to datasheet should be fine. The inputs are supposed to have pullups on the module, but in our board are at 0V, so we guess something is holding them down, some reset possibly?

Is there some difference between iMX8MP and AM62 we forgot about or some undocumented behavior of power signals or something?

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If your carrier board is designed according to the Verdin Specification, any Verdin module should boot successfully, which corresponds with your statement that ‘The AM62 boots fine on Dahlia’. Please ensure that all unused power signals are truly floating and do not have any parasitic pull-up/down resistance.
Could you also provide the exact version of your Verdin AM62 module, including its hardware revision?

Power signals are floating. Hopefully we didn’t miss some other points in specification, but since iMX8MP boots…

Verdin AM62 used is quadcore 2GB with wifi/bluetooth, V1.1A

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can you please share you schematic as a PDF in a private message or in an email to our support email?
We will than check it. also sharing with altium 360 would work.

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After private conversation we managed to found the problem. The issue was powering board peripherals before the module finished its power on sequence (as indicated by CTRL_PWR_EN_MOCI output).

This wasn’t a problem with iMX8MP (or we were just lucky to not encounter it). It seems AM62 or its PMIC is more sensitive to this.

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Thanks for sharing this solution! Working on an AM62 baseboard now, so will try to avoid this problem.