Alternative for MXM3 connector from JAE

The datasheet recommends JAE MM70-314-310B1 as the connector for the Apalis module. Unfortunately the status of this connector is “Pending Obsolescence” on the JAE website. (
Do you have any alternatives for this connector? I already checked the mentioned manufacturer Aces, SpeedTech and Foxconn but have not found an connector which is widely avaiable.

Hi Steffen

You can check for this alternative.

Best regards, Jaski

Dear @Steffen,

Thank you very much for using the Toradex developer community.
we are also aware of this EOL notification and we are working to find a replacement alternative.
I will update this ticket as soon as we will get some additional information.

In the meantime, if not done already, please have a look at this page:
Hope this helps, I will keep you posted.

Dear @Steffen,
I would like to provide an update related to the obsolescence of the JAE MM70-314-310B1 connector.

We have received an official communication from JAE: They confirmed the status of this connector will be back to ACTIVE.

The status has been also updated on the JAE product page:

This means that you can use this connector on your carrier board.
I really hope this helps!

@diego.tx The MM70 family is no longer listed on JAE’s website and the link above is broken. Can you provide updated information on this connector? It does not appear to be active anymore.

@jmarienthal you are right, JAE has recently released an EOL notification for this connector. More details here:
As you can see, hey recommend the replacement part MM70-314B1-2-R300. This new connector has 4 additional pads where the previous one was having an empty gap. I would recommend planning a small PCB redesign to address this issue as, despite the fact that the new connector could be assembled on the old footprint, it might create some short circuits or reliability issues.
Please don’t hesitate to get back to us if you need additional details on this topic.