ALT key not working in WinCE 7

Keyboard ALT (left or right ) is not working on WinCE7.

Installed input language is English(US),
regional settings → locale English(US)

If notepad is open, ALT opens shortcut (i.e ALT + v opens View), but ALT + 2 does not write @.

I am running silverlight application, and when I try to catch pressed key with event WM_KEYDOWN, other keys are working, but ALT doesn’t.

How, or what can I do to catch ALT key in my Application.


You write, that ALT + v works but ALT + 2 not. Isn’t it SHIFT + 2 to write @? How ever, basically ALT works fine if I get you right. I also tested it here, ALT worked fine in the standard image. Could it bee one of your application filters out some keys?

I need ALT for german layout. It was problem in my code. ALT is not part of standard keys, but I have to catch WM_SYSKEYDOWN event in StaticHostHookProc function. Now I detect ALT fine.

Thank you for your answer.