Adjust the memory of WEC7

I have a WEC7 of Colibri iMX6.
I want to adjust the storage memory and program memory partitioning of WEC7.

Control Panel - System - Memory Tab - Adjust the Sliders Position.
SaveReg and system reboot.

But return to an original state.
I found the following URL in the Microsoft fix information.

The current WEC7 image, do you include this patch?
Or do you have any solutions?

Please tell me if there is a better way.

We don’t use ROM-only filesystem, so that issue does not apply to our images.
The division setting is not saved inside registry because it’s applied by the kernel before it reads it.
On the other side you can change it at any time, as you can see from control panel.
That happens by calling the SetSystemMemoryDivision API.
If you don’t need to set the division very early at boot you can simply write an application that set the division to the desired value and store it inside \flashdisk\autorun so it’s executed at every reboot.

I attempted to adjust the storage memory by changing FSRAMPERCENT in config.bib (under WEC 2013), but the update didn’t seem to make it into the new NK.bin. Is something else overwriting what is set in config.bib?

Please post a new question, showing how did you change that parameter in config.bib.
It’s better to not add new questions on thread that already have an answer, otherwise it will be complex to find answers by searching our forum.
Thank you for your collaboration.